Bringing Joy to the Retirement Home – Lanzarote, Spain.

We had the chance of being part of a project organised by the “Asociación Guayota“, which aims to bring smiles, fun and entertainement to those who can not attend to events such as circus because of their own personal conditions (elderes, people with little resources, inmates, etc.)

This time we had the chance to share Acroyoga at the Retirement Home of Las Cabreras, Lanzarote.

We share “stage” with Marta Nistal, as host, clown and magician; Igor Llorca, doind some hat juggling and playing saxophone; and Kalima & Lolo with his clownesque partner acrobatic show.

The show was offer not only to the elders, but to their families and retirement's health staff.

After the show we had the chance to share some time at the Retirement Home to chat, interact and share a snack with everyone.
Best part of the project!

This project were carried out by Rakel Mesa and Cécile Pageau, who work together as Atlantis Acroyoga, with Lanzarote as their home base.