AcroYoga for All Sweden – AcroYoga för Alla Sverige (SE)

AcroYoga for All Sweden is a non-profit youth driven organization that uses AcroYoga (mixing partner acrobatics, dance, games and yoga) as a medium for creating feminist spaces for body positivity, mental and physical health and connection to ourselves and others.

The association was founded by youth from different parts of Europe living in Lund and Malmö, Skåne (Southern Sweden) who are involved in AcroYoga, Theatre and circus. Their vision is to create ways to use our bodies and create spaces that are feminist, inclusive, inviting new ideas, compassionate, playful and non-hierarchical. Their main target group is youth however; they are also involved integration projects open to all ages.

Casey, Emelia and Blandine are leading a performance Project open to youth participation/involvement called “We Wear Pants”, a multi-disciplinary performance drawing on AcroYoga, Theatre, dance and circus skills to explore gender and power dynamics.