Loova Liikumise Selts (EE)

We represent an Estonian non-profit organization Loova Liikumise Selts (Creative Movement Association). It is the mother organization for Acroyoga Tartu and Acroyoga Tallinn (Acroyoga Estonia). The association offers different training to children and grown-ups. Most of the training are acroyoga based, but also include other creative movement training like slacklining, climbing, acrobatics, Thai massage, yoga, movement  .


There are weekly beginners and intermediate level acroyoga classes for grown-ups (age group 15-50) in the city of Tartu, which are led by Kristin Hansen, Ingmar Ploom, Liivi Hiienurm. There are also weekly acrobatics and creative movement classes going on in a small town called Võru. These classes are for children from 10-15 years old, taught by Kristin Hansen. The focus of this class is getting to know our bodies, understanding our weaknesses and accepting them, getting to know each other. Another goal is to encourage the kids to express their feelings and ideas and always ask questions. 

Roughly once a month there is a family acroyoga workshop for families with children from 3 years old and partner yoga & Thai massage workshop led by Kristin Hansen. At least once or twice a year we organize children movement camps. We also organize an annual acroyoga gathering called Acrofestonia, which was created by Silver and Ester (the first qualified acroyoga teachers in Estonia, Montreal style) in 2014.


Weekly acroyoga and partner yoga classes in the City of Tallinn are led by Triinu Jõhve, Risto Antonov. Weekly classes are mainly for grown-ups, but we welcome participants in all ages and all levels. Many grown-up participants join the class with their teenage siblings or with the whole family to spend fun quality time together. 

Once a month we organize acroyoga workshops for beginners and family acroyoga workshops.

  • There are around 1,3 million people in Estonia, 25% of them are Russian. There’s a constant public debate around how to integrate them, but not much has changed in the past 20 years. This minority is still facing a constant struggle to have the same rights and opportunities as the local Estonians. We believe that acroyoga can contribute to bringing these communities closer together. 
  • We have a physically and mentally handicapped member in our acroyoga community,  who is the most passionate fan of acroyoga who we’ve ever met, but we find it rather challenging to integrate him. We haven’t been handling this situation well, because we don’t really know, how to do it. We’ve also had a blind person in our workshop and it was difficult too. If we knew how to integrate different people better, we would be a much stronger community.
  • Stereotypically Estonians are rather closed and quiet people, which often comes across to us in our classes. We’ve also faced a few cases of extremely low self-confidence in children. Having more tools for addressing these issues would be great!
  • We have found that acroyoga is medicine. It teaches us many things that are important in life: trust, creativity, being yourself, having fun, letting go of bad habits etc. We have felt it and learned it on our own bodies. We have shared it and seen the community grow stronger and learn the same qualities. Acroyoga has magic powers, but we need to learn using them properly and to serve them to others, which is the reason we all apply for the course.

Kristin Hansen

Kristin is qualified AcroYoga Montreal teacher (2017). She has been practicing acroyoga since 2013, taught since 2015. She is one of the main driving forces behind acroyoga in Tartu and has established a diverse and intense community and weekly classes for various groups. 

Silver Tang

Silver is a certified AcroYoga Montreal teacher (2013) and yoga teacher (Inbound School of Yoga, Colombia, 2014). He started teaching acroyoga(ish) in 2012.

Ingmar Ploom

Practicing Acroyoga regularly since 2017 with mostly Kristin Hansen. Acroyoga has become a big part of his life. Through this project, he hopes to furthermore improve his acroyoga skills and techniques, to become a better base for anyone interested in flying.

Liivi Hiienurm

Liivi started practicing AcroYoga in August 2012. She was one of those activists, who brought AcroYoga to Tartu in November 2012 and the main leaders building up a community there. She is now studying physiotherapy and she plans to specialize in children and youth, so this project would be extremely interesting and useful for her.

Triinu Jõhve

Triinu is the owner Aurora Yoga Studio, in Tallinn, which is the only place in Tallinn that offers regular acroyoga related classes and workshops.

Triinu has been teaching yoga and acroyoga classes for grown-ups, teenagers and for children since the beginning of 2015.