Heart Talks (NL)

Heart Talks was founded in March 2017 by Karel Salet. As a trainer in nonviolent communication (NVC) and AcroYoga, his goals are to connect people from the heart.

Both traditions are known to bring a strong connection between people, physically and mentally. While one tradition comes from yoga and bodywork, the other comes from awareness and meditation. Karel is the first trainer who is working on combining Acroyoga with NVC.

Communication is the base of all human interaction. If we want to bring quality to the interaction, we have to bring quality to our communication.

In the communication workshops, we will focus on one of the most basic forms of communication: the spoken word. We look on topics like:

  • How can we be radically honest without being judgmental
  • How can we deal with a ”NO” and still connect with the other
  • How can we coach others in self-acceptance without necessarily giving them compliments and praise
  • How can we come from a place of compassion when we approach someone that acts in a way we don’t like

As AcroYoga teachers we are constantly moving in an active group of people with many group dynamics and the need for trust. Having quick and effective skills to interact in such a setting is most important to provide safety and acceptance for all the diversity in the group.