AcroYoga ComTodos – Lisbon

As a participant of the “Training Course for Social Inclusion”, Egle Genova, from the Italian group, went back to Portugal, with the will to share and use the tools she have learned during the Training course to introduce this approach to social inclusion through AcroYoga in Portugal.

That’s how the project “AcroYoga ComTodos” was born in September 2019.

An heterogeneous group of teachers, practitioners and passionate of Acroyoga, each one with a different professional background, gathered together around one main goal: increasingly validate Acroyoga as a tool for social inclusion in social projects and create a network between national and european realities.

To reach this goal we of AcroYoga ComTodos started a cooperation with Renovar a Mouraria and in October we started giving AcroYoga classes to a mixed group of children and youngsters from 6 to 18 years old coming from different social context (we have children from Nepal, coming from an immigrant background, as well as local people from the Mouraria neighborhood).
The idea is to introduce Acroyoga to this group of youngsters focusing on the individual and collective benefits that this practice brings in order to improve the integration within and between the various social groups.

The Associação Renovar a Mouraria was created in 2008 by a group of residents with the aim to revitalise the historical neighbourhood of Mouraria located in the centre of Lisbon. This is a non-profit private organisation with public utility status.
The Associação Renovar a Mouraria promotes a wide array of activities with the major goal to strengthen the social inclusion of various communities by fostering cultural interaction and mutual support.
Teaching Portuguese as a foreign language for immigrants, literacy education, study support for children and youngsters, legal support services, traditional Chinese medicine or the solidarity hairdresser are its leading community development projects. 


  1. Promote the practice of AcroYoga as a tool of self-empowerment as well as a tool for building self-confidence and trust in others;
  2. Promote movement as prevention for diseases and to improve health and wellness;
  3. Create a safe environment by promoting cooperation between groups;
  4. Support young people in more vulnerable conditions by promoting social inclusion, regardless of socio-economic status, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation;
  5. Promote respect for social, ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity.

The hope for the future is to be able to further validate this new approach in social projects through AcroYoga and to create a larger network of collaboration between national and European realities.