AcroYoga för Alla Sverige- Fågelskolan, Lund

Youth coaches Anders and Emelia demonstrating a posture

Working as a youth coach with Mobila Gruppen, Emelia has had the opportunity to lead several classes with at Fågelskolan, a school for students with special needs (särskola in Swedish). The connection was made through Anders (a youth coach/fritidsledare with Mobila Gruppen) who knew the principal and the physical education teachers. The teachers knew of some 9th grade students who particularly like to dance and express themselves physically.

Over the course of the autumn, Emelia has led 4 – one hour long sessions that included warm-up games to get to know the students, yoga postures such as sun salutations and animal poses, trust excercises and acroyoga postures! Each class has been between 4-6 students with 2-3 assistants and 1 teacher. Some students are shy and need time and space to speak; it is important as the facilitator to be open to their needs and allow each student to take it at their own pace. One class, a shy student who was hiding in the corner at the beginning started coming out of her shell and was willing to demonstrate with me halfway through the class… by the end of the session she was laughing and had a smile from ear to ear and said she loved flying and wanted to practice all the time!