AcroYoga for Special People – Lanzarote

We shared a workshop for children and people with special abilities of the Aloha Life association in Lanzarote.

Aloha Life aims to promote the capabilities and globally develop people with special needs, within a sporting, recreational and / or therapeutic context.

They especially offer adapted and inclusive surfing for anyone, but also offer activities such as Yoga, horse riding , art therapy, music therapy and this time also AcroYoga!

Thanks to Cécile and Rakel, from AcroYoga Lanzarote, for organizing this workshop together with us. We had the support of great acroyoga teachers, as well as practitioners or beginners. As always, it was a beautiful experience in which we felt a spirit of collaboration, cooperation and support to play and make everyone fly, regardless of the limitations of each one.

We always love this type of event, because it creates a precious energy and many smiles are drawn, but above all it teaches you the most basic of humanity: cooperation to grow! Thanks to the collaboration of everyone you get to fly people who are in wheelchairs or the trust of children with autism turning the flights into big smiles … you also open yourself to improvisation and adaptation to each person at each moment.

Every time we learn a lot of it. I hope that this event serves to inspire other people to organize special events that fill the heart. Thank you very much to all!

Disclaimer: this project was developed before the AY for Social Inclusion training. It will be updated with following activities. This was originally posted on , who are a part of Asociación AcroYoga Sur (ES)