Acroyoga in asylum – Ljubljana, Slovenija

Stop for a moment.

Inhale deeply.


I have a question. What was the first association when you read »Acroyoga in asylum«? Were any sensations developed inside of you?

For us it means a powerful and appreciated experience where we all participate together. Where there is no border between me and you, but rather a connection between us. Double celebration time!

Our first workshop was on 3rd of September 2019. We came prepared with a plan, how our class would look like. There wasn’t much of a time needed to realize it will be more of a spontaneous improvisation. It is good to have plan, but it is even better to have an abitily to change it and improvise if needed. Their yard in aslyum soon transformed into the playground. Kids were the bravest, joining quickly and spreading their hyper energy around.

All the smiley and curious faces gave us inner satisfaction. Not only we share knowledge of the correct technique how to fly (literally!), but also creating a safe space, in which everybody can fully trust and relax.

The beginning of everything should start by listening to our limits while discovering own abilities. With awareness of ours we go interlacing with others, respecting their limits too. It is a way of building a trust, tolerance and belonging to a group.

Though we were teaching them how to fly, it was important to teach them the quality of waiting as well. Inner growth through the game, where kids learn how to get along with their excitement in calm way. Understanding of other’s presence and their wish to play too. Important note for everybody is to respect others and treat them equaly.

The first workshop defenitely wasn’t the last one. We decided to continue with it. Few more volunteers joined our acroyoga movement activities in asylum. A lot of gratefulness goes to Faila, who is in charge for variety of their program and has accepted us with open arms and trust.

Our volunteering helps people reach their self-respect and courage, to express own opinion and explore movement of the body. We respect individual’s limits, simultaneously expanding them and together we dare to get over them. We all have right to be the way we are and that is perfectly fine!