Acroyoga Children Safecentre -Tartu, Estonia

On 18th of November Ingmar Ploom visited Tartu Children Safecentre with Eva Üprus, who has been practicing acroyoga for 4 years and who specializes in working different risk groups (prisoners, foster homes, support centres and rehabilitation teams).

It was surprisingly difficult to arrange a workshop in different children’s safecentres and orphanages in Tartu, having 3 out of 4 turning us down, so we had to go with the only one that was interested. The reason Ingmar wanted to do the project in an orphanage or a safecentre for children, was so that the children there, who do not have that much support from their families could find support, trust and fun amongst themselves through acroyoga.

At the time we had our workshop, there were 6 children at the safecentre, 2 of them were younger than the rest (~age 7), the others ranging from the age 10-15. It was more challenging to keep the attention of the 7 year olds, as they seemed interested to try acroyoga, but as soon as we had to share our attention with other children, they started goofing around. But the other 4 children were really co-operative and seemed keen of listening and participating.

Although they seemed much more interested in trying acroyoga with instructors than with each other, one could easily notice they were having fun and there weren’t any awkward boring moments, that I was little bit afraid of at first, because I hadn’t really instructed a class for children before.

Overall it was a interesting, challenging and rewarding new experience for me, that really brought me out of my comfort zone, because I’m much more used to just doing acroyoga, not having to teach it to someone. But that’s where Eva played a major role of helping me out with her calm yet so confident demeanor and glowing personality. She had several cool games to break the ice in the beginning and where at times I felt lost for words she knew exactly what to say and was just an amazing co-teacher.