Acroyoga classes for children and youth with disabilities – Copenhagen, Denmark

Tatjana t’Felt has started classes for children and youth with disabilities in Copenhagen. The class is for children and youth with cerebral palsy and other physical handicaps. The project is supported by the ELSASS Foundation, a foundation that works for higher life quality for persons with cerebral palsy.

It is a family class, where the children and youngsters can come and train together with their parents and eventually siblings. In this class it is the parents who are the bases and the children and youth that are flying on their parents. 

The class takes place in a local school in the city center of Copenhagen. it is a combination of games, storytelling, yoga and acroyoga. the level of the class is adapted to the participants level and capacity and the aim of the class is to bond , have fun and move together. we have had super good reactions from the parents, who are very enthusiastic about this kind of family class for youth with disabilities. 

Photo: not from this the class

So far five families has joined the class. They have expressed that they find acroyoga a great tool for children and youth with CP. Acroyoga is a practice that can challenge them and once they have succeeded they feel very empowered. 

The teachers from Danish association were invited to a seminar at the ELSASS foundation, where we discussed who to use sport to support children and youth with handicaps. Now the corona krisis has stopped the classes. The association plan to reopen the classes for children and youth with CP.