AcroYoga with SOS Childrens Village – Germany

SOS Children’s Villages is an independent, non-governmental, nonprofit international development organization. The organization provides humanitarian and developmental assistance to children in need and protects their interests and rights around the world. In this particular institution in Nuremberg the adolescents are offered to serve an apprenticeship at a local training workshop in the fields of metal, wood, paint, gastronomy, economy and administration.

The motto of SOS Childrens village: to give hope, a future and empowerment to the youngsters. So naturally AcroYoga was well received by the leaders of the organisation. The apprentices were encouraged to participate and kindly given an afternoon off from the training workshop, so they could attend the AcroYoga class.

Sabine organized this beautiful workshop with her friend and colleague Benedikt Vogeler. They both managed to create a safe environment for the participants to overcome their fears, build up trust and confidence. No wonder that the youngsters learned to love AcroYoga. Everybody had a smashing time and is waiting for a revival!

Where? SOS Childrens Village in Nuremberg
When? 24th of October 2019
Who? Sabine Winkler
Benedikt Vogeler