AcroYoga for Children and Youth Denmark

AcroYoga for Children and Youth Denmark is a non-profit organization that aims to bring the collaborative practice of AcroYoga to youth and their families. Our vision is to build trust and strengthen communities while encouraging a healthy, active lifestyle to be shared across generations.

The target group for the association’s work is youth, including at-risk youth and their families. Through the multi-faceted practice of AcroYoga, we aim to forge a lasting sense of inclusion amongst youth, including youth residing in vulnerable neighbourhoods and/or living with mental or physical disabilities. AcroYoga for Children and Youth Denmark is a nationwide organization that exercises both locally in Copenhagen, nationally throughout Denmark and internationally in Europe. The association was founded by a group of social workers and AcroYoga teachers. They all share a common passion for acroyoga and social work.

The association also now organises weekly classes with Family Acroyoga in Copenhagen, see more here.