Per Esempio is a non-profit organisation aiming at cultural, social, ethical, and economic
development through the promotion of active participation of people and the civic society.
The mission of Per Esempio is to reinforce social cohesion in the targeted communities,
evoking constructive processes for local as well as for international community
development. The activities of the organisation particularly aim at empowering individuals
and groups at risk of social exclusion by contributing to the development and improvement
of their skills, knowledge and competences.
Through its engagement in networking with local and European partners, Per Esempio
supports the actions of European and Euro-Mediterranean actors contributing to the
comprehensive development of individuals and communities, preferably using non-formal
educational approaches and tools that stimulate the active participation of youth and
reinforce intercultural dialogue.
In pursuit of its mission the organisation manages European projects, carries out fund
raising activities, establishes and develops local and international partnerships and
networks, promotes lifelong learning, training and mobility opportunities sustained by the
European Union. It operates in different social fields:
EDUCATION – Fight to Early School Leaving targeting young people (6-16 years old) who live
in marginalized and poor areas of Palermo. Since 2014 Per Esempio is part of a national
Network called “Frequenza 200” which allowed the opening of the Borgo Vecchio centre
against early school leaving in Palermo. In this centre, Per Esempio organizes after school,
recreational and sport activities for children and youth. Moreover, Per Esempio has been
partner in a 2-year-long project called “I.N.C.L.A.S.S.E” (2014-2016) which aimed, through a
good networking among schools, families and civil society organizations, at fostering school
re-integration of young people, who have left school or have a high risk of school drop-out.
MIGRANTS – Per Esempio has been engaged in designing and managing of many activities
promoting the interaction with migrants and the respect of their rights. Through the use of
non-formal methodologies, our projects encourage the dialogue and interaction among
different cultures. Thanks to interventions tending to facilitate mutual understanding and
community empowerment, our initiatives promote migrants’ inclusion following the
principle that no one is a stranger and every person must be included in a collective process
of growth and development. For this purpose, the organization implemented a project
called “Adilah” (2014-2016), which aimed at offering to migrant families, living in
marginalized contexts of Palermo (Zen, Zisa, Ballarò districts), services such as work
orientation, sanitary, gynaecologic, training, psychological and social support. In 2017 we
also implemented “Connection” project, aiming at improving access to training and job
opportunities to migrant women living in Palermo and at risk of social exclusion through a
“Job Desk”: here migrant women have received an orientation to the childcare services
offered by Palermo Municipality and Per Esempio’s network and an introductive vocational
guidance. They have been also supported through basic Italian and IT classes. We are also
partner of ACT – Ka3 project, which aims at creating innovative citizen pathways for young
people with fewer opportunities, by providing them with the chance to carry out a
volunteering project with migrants or refugees in Greece or Italy.
MOBILITY – It is a fact that taking part to training experiences abroad promote employability
and increase people’s cultural background. For this reason, thanks to a wide European and
international network, Per Esempio is committed to offer diverse mobility opportunities to young and adult people in the framework of Erasmus+ programme. We promote EVS
projects and we run exchanges, trainings and capacity buildings to favour interaction among
different cultures and the deepening of topics such as social inclusion and respect for
human rights. Per Esempio develops its mobility actions in order to promote the
emancipation and empowerment of young people with fewer opportunities (economic,
geographical, social, cultural obstacles and educational difficulties, NEET). Indeed, these
experiences may trigger a positive personal and professional development, useful for
creating more tolerant, inclusive and smart future generations. Per Esempio is continuously
widening its network of local, national and international partners working in the social field.
The staff of Per Esempio is composed by 16 paid members (project managers, financial
staff, educator, social workers) and 10 volunteers.