Leteča joga (SL)

Leteča Joga is my company through which the Leteča Joga team teach acroyoga, yoga, slackline, and other movement practices. Our first focus is creating a community that supports and encourages each other. We want to show people from different backgrounds how to connect with your body through movement, to each other with cooperation and to nature doing all this outdoors as much as possible.

We are offering several weekly classes, jam session open to everyone. We are hosting guest teachers to bring new ideas to the community. Cooperate with local associations to connect different movements and approaches. We are also aiming to offer at least part of our services for free, as money shouldn’t be excused for not being part of acro fun.

Last year we offered our own teacher training for acroyoga, and educated 10 students about what it means to be a good teacher and how to become one.

Bringing the joy of community and acroyoga to as many people as possible is our great focus. We are aware that a lot of people who could benefit the most from this, don’t have access or a chance to join. That’s why we want to get educated how to best come towards these groups and how to lift them trough acroyoga.