Asociación AcroYoga Sur (ES)

Why is this project relevant for the partner organizations?

AY Circle Up (registered in Spain as “AcroYoga Sur”) is a network for AcroYoga teachers from different parts of the world and is already doing social and inclusive youth work. AY Circle Up was created from different AcroYoga Teachers Katie, Coni and Oliver among others. In 2012 Oliver Chamo met Coni from Argentina, and they decided to bring their qualities, tools and teaching method to this common project.

The first project for Coni and Oliver as AY Circle Up was to visit different associations and organizations in Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, and Israel to bring the core principles of AcroYoga and their skills to motivate mainly teenagers into movement. The team of AcroYoga Circle Up has expanded to many countries and are people who are dedicated to sharing movement and they come to it from different backgrounds: Social Work, Yoga, Educational Work, School Teachers, Physiotherapy, Nature Guides, Psychologists. Tatjana t’Felt (Denmark) joined AY Circle up in 2015.

We have been working with kids and teenagers since 2010 through AcroYoga and other movement approaches like capoeira (we have our partners and inspiration This is the first time we are going to receive training from people who do similar work. We are looking forward to sharing and gaining skills, contacts, new projects, and new partners from all of Europe.

Our Principles and Focus:

  • Collaborative Teamwork and positive communication
  • Trust Building
  • Cultivate Peaceful Presence – Being in the Moment
  • Surpassing Perceived Limitations – Physical & Emotional
  • Enhancing Physical & Brain Hemisphere Balance
  • Improve Coordination with Rhythm, Balance & Breath
  • Building Strength & Flexibility to improve Psycho-physical Health
  • Increase Self Esteem
  • Encourage Imagination & Creativity
  • Increase ability to follow Instructions and Processes for Safety
  • Engender a Feeling of Belonging to Place, Environment, & Community (no matter how temporary.)
  • Cultivate and Experience Beauty
  • Deliver Innocent, Non-Violent Entertainment, Humor, Play and Fun
  • Empower Positive Leaders from within who can impact the rest of the Community
  • For Every Voice to be Heard
  • Speaking with Intention and Listening with Attention.

How is the course leading to quality improvements in the youth work of the organizations?

We have been looking at the program and there are workshops from all specters of activities for kids and teenagers in different situations. We face some of them and with some of them, we need support. So we are going to receive guidance and advice on top of experience exchange and new tools for us. 

Let us introduce the main AcroYoga Circle Up team and facilitators for this training:

OLIVER: He is Social Worker that practices it wherever he is, sharing the gem of what is needed in the different realities he finds. He studied Physiotherapy, Chinese Medicine, Thai Massage and he found that through Yoga and AcroYoga he can bring all his passions into one, even singing and playing the guitar. With Sharon they organize trainings, retreats and big festivals like coordinating 50 teachers and artists during 3 days, 5 years running). He has offered to programme in the jails of Thailand, Orphanages, Hospitals, people with special needs in many countries and refugees from Syria, Irak, Palestine, and Burma.

CONI: She is a certified teacher in Waldorf Pedagogy, Rudolf Steiner Schools. Certified as a  Mentor at AcroYoga International and bodywork therapist. She began her journey in yoga in “The Art of Living Foundation” being a volunteer in Prison Smart Project from 2012 with yoga and meditation in jails. She is cofounder of Yoga kids inspired in Waldorf. Teacher Training, Yoga and AcroYoga for kids. During the lasts 6 years she has been traveling teaching yoga, acroyoga and massage all around the world with Circle up projects mainly in refugee camps.

SHARON: Mountain Guide and certified Teacher of AcroYoga, Yoga, and Yoga for Kids. Her motivation of sharing this practice is the ability to develop human values through playfulness, aiming to create big changes in the people in a very short time. Since 2015 she has shared social projects with AcroYoga Circle Up wherever she goes, orphanages, jails, refugee camps, like this one:

RODRIGO: Yoga teacher, acroyoga level 2 teacher, bio builder, explorer of the possibilities that life gives and the power of our mind to create it. He has worked in ecovillages of different countries, prisons, public schools, people with different capacities, low-income communities. Founder of “Son de Paz Eco Templo” a holistic center built with the intention of sharing knowledge related to evolution and healing.