Akroyoga København (DK)

Akroyoga København is a registered organization that is run for, and by, its members in order to promote the practice of AcroYoga in the Capital area of Denmark. It was founded in May 2014 and has around 200 members. The organization is governed by a board, which is elected yearly at the General Assembly. The association is registered with the City of Copenhagen.

AcroYoga blends acrobatic practices best known from the world of circus, with a playful teaching approach. The practice also incorporates elements from Thai Yoga Massage and Yoga, creating a blend that is fun to practice (we call it playing AcroYoga, not training), accessible to many body types, and that gives room for growth in body and in spirit.

In Akroyoga København we see AcroYoga as more than physical training. It’s a way of creating a safe space for creating genuine connections between people and to build mutual acceptance and trust. We have a culture of breaking gender stereotypes, with most people performing in both the role of base and flyer. The community in Denmark is quite well known for its many female bases, something otherwise rarely seen in traditional acrobatics. The association welcomes adults without regard to gender, ethnicity, nationality, age, size, or religion.

Informally, the association is also an important social hub, providing a social network for its members, hosting of foreign teachers and visiting acroyogis. Many of our members are very active in other social and movement enterprises as well.

The main activities of the association revolve around organizing and teaching AcroYoga, with drop-in events every Sunday and Thursday. Additionally, the organization is hosting a yearly festival, attracting several hundred people, that offers the opportunity to everyone interested to join free workshops. Other activities include a weekly sauna evening and summer and Christmas parties for the members.

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Akroyoga København would like to send a delegation to the “AcroYoga & Social Inclusion” event for a variety of reasons:

1) As described above, we believe that AcroYoga can be beneficial to a wide group of people. Through movement, we believe that we can bring people together, opening a channel for communication that helps foster understanding between individuals who would otherwise not meet. However, the group we attract today is mainly fit, white, and university-educated individuals. How do we attract a more varied audience, and is actively pursuing diversity in itself a worthwhile goal?

2) The association depends on its teachers. We would like to be able to offer our teachers the best possible learning conditions so that our members can benefit from that. Most teacher training emphasises the teaching of the physical practice, with little or no coverage of the social/inclusion aspects of teaching.

3) The event will be a great opportunity to meet teachers from other countries, build an international network, and to share ideas and experiences.

4) Ideologically, we believe inclusion to be of fundamental importance, and therefore wish to support events that promote this in good faith.